Leakfoe is a team of waterproofing specialists working to provide the best WATER PROOFING IN BROADWAY. We have branches all over India we stick to no franchise policy which helps us in providing quality waterproofing services.

We started providing our professional waterproofing services back in 2012. Since then we are an excellent choice for someone searching for WATER PROOFING IN BROADWAY.

From day one of providing WATER PROOFING IN BROADWAY. we have noticed that most of the buildings in Chennai was lacking bathroom waterproofing. Homeowners don’t realize the harm that a pressure grouting procedure or breaking an interior in the house cause damages to their building structure.

WELCOME WATER PROOFING IN BROADWAY., don’t try converting all our calls into a client. We educate them about the drawbacks of chemical waterproofing, pressure grouting waterproofingroof crack filler etc. We make them completely understand how long a waterproofing process may last, and if it is worth it.

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