Modern concrete mixes bring high improvement in the rheological property and high viscosity because if a low percentage of water. When your construction site needs a superior product, then there is a premium quality product supplied by Polycarbonatesheetsindia, BASF Masterease. It is a product from the market leading company BASF that has made a global footprint with versatile and unmatched quality products. WELCOME TO waterproofing in KUNDRATHUR becomes the need of the day. With an optimized design of concrete mix and low CO2, it saves the environment.

Concrete is the most workable material undoubtedly, but there are issues of pumping or processing because of harshness and stickiness of the stuff. To remove the difficulties and limitations of the challenges of the concrete material, the revolutionary admixture has been introduced by BASF. It is a low-viscosity concrete for versatile applications. Since it is at least 30% less viscous than concrete, there is a significantly low pumping pressure required on the construction site. It brings higher productivity and lower costs as compared to the conventional concrete. Engineers praise it for better placing and finish. It saves costs and brings great quality. It is widely available at leading construction material suppliers. Jaichittra Inc., is a leading supplier of this groundbreaking product. It brings a revolution in the concrete industry.

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